About Future Next


Future Next Corporation was founded in 2010 when Nicole Thomas, after having several conversations with parents and young people, quickly realized youth want the same as parents. They want to be involved in positive activities that help prepare for their future and keep them out of trouble. The need for affordable educational after school, summer and college going programs are more crucial now than ever. With severe budget cutbacks, programs being eliminated, and household income at a stand still, we can’t give up on our future "the children". “It’s not that youth want to fail, make the wrong choices, or get into trouble,” says Nicole. The truth is young people need support, guidance, and programs that keeps them motivated, challenged, and engaged. Studies have shown the many disparities that exist between minorities and non-minorities in the public school system. To help meet these challenges, our organization began as a home-based volunteer program to assist youth specifically with reading and literacy.

In 2011, the program grew to over 68 students, and FNC moved their programs to a public school space to meet the higher demand. We continue to grow with each program, and we are currently seeking funding to sustain our programs. Over a short time period, our programs have gained momentum and popularity with parents, students, and in the community reaching over 85 students. We are providing support, guidance, and tutorial services in both academic, social, and community service capacities to our most vulnerable young people.


Future Next Corporation seeks to bring affordable after school, summer academic enrichment and college readiness programs to our area’s most vulnerable youth. This includes life skills courses that will raise awareness and empower youth to take charge of their lives. Our program pledges to offer guidance that will keep youth engaged, encouraged, challenged, and motivated to complete high school while also preparing for their life after high school.

FNC professionally developed programs are geared for individualized and small group instruction. Our programs are tailored to build confidence, enhance study skills, and foster innovation to create measurable results. We reinforce what is taught in the classroom by building lasting basic and advanced skills, strategies, and comprehension. Our hand-picked board, senior leaders, staff, and volunteers come from various academic backgrounds, professions, and are professional experts in their respected fields. This diversity of skills, experience, and backgrounds results in a dynamic collaboration that promises to keep the students interest first and foremost at the core of FNC development. FNC members demonstrate commitment in students achieving success in and outside the classroom. FNC is helping our students succeed and break through the achievement gap by offering support and resources that will help create a vision for their future. We believe by engaging students through service learning projects and hands-on activities in the community fosters responsibility, accountability, and hope. FNC tradition is committed to serving our community in being that building block outside of home and school that provides support, guidance, and resources to families for generations to come.

Your Donations

FNC programming is made possible from fundraisers, sponsors' support and individual donations. All monies raised and donated go directly into our programs. We are a group of volunteers giving back to our communities. Your donation allows FNC the opportunity to develop, coordinate, and implement needed after school and summer enrichment programs. FNC is proud to provide our unique programs and services to youth who may otherwise not been afforded this opportunity to participate in such a rewarding experience made possible by FNC supporters. We are truly thankful for our supporters to help us push our mission forward. It is a joy and a constant challenge to get programs started. At this time in our history, funds are scarce and the economy is fragile. However, we must respond to a clear call, by bringing what we hope is a gentle reminder that there is goodness around us if we choose to see it. We choose to continue to fight for our youth and make our programs possible to keep children engaged and involved in productive activities during these crucial hours of the day. This response is to recruit, partner, communicate, coordinate, lead by example, and continue to advocate for the need for after school and summer programs for all children regardless of financial means. Thank you for joining us on this journey. There are more fabulous programs underway so stay tuned and sign up to receive our updates. Please pray for this project. If you are lead to make a donation, you may send us a check or use our secure online payment portal via PayPal.

Future Next Corporation
P.O. Box 601
White Plains, MD 20695

You can send a check of any amount to help further of our programs and or reach more children. Please make your donation to either the above address, or donate online using PayPal. Your tax deductible receipt will say, Future Next Corporation has received your gift donation, Thank you with blessings.