Board Advisory

Dr. Edith Patterson – BOD Board Advisor
Maryland Higher Education Commission

Dr. Edith PattersonDr. Edith Patterson has served as the director of Education Talent Search for 19 years. She is responsible for obtaining and managing a federal grant project for ETS. Dr. Patterson has a Doctorate of Ed. in Higher Ed. Admin. from George Washington University and a Master's in Ed. in Guidance & Counseling from Bowie State University. She has served as President of the Charles Co. Board of Ed and is a former Charles County Commissioner. Dr. Patterson in passionate about helping youth reach academic achievement and move forward in obtaining a higher education after high school.

Now officially retired Dr. Patterson does not stop there she has embraced new opportunities and was sworn in by Sharon Hancock, Clerk of the Court, in Charles County Maryland on April 18th 2012 to serve on the board at the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The appointment was made by Gov. O'Malley and approved by the full Senate in late March 2012. Dr. Patterson appointment to serve on the Maryland Higher Education Commission board is a honor for someone that admires and so passionate about youth advancement and closing the educational achievement gap. Dr. Patterson is a true trail blazer for her community. She is committed and contributes her time, wisdom and knowlege for helping others reach their goals and full potential in life.


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Dr. Jerry Lewis – BOD Board Advisor
Executive Director

Dr. Jerry LewisExecutive Director of University of Maryland Academic Achievement Programs believes "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe...can be achieved." That's the motto they live by in the University of Maryland Academic Achievement Programs (AAP).

Dr. Lewis has seen the magic of education so many times before. We take students who would most likely not be admitted into the University if evaluated solely on traditional criteria such as standardized test scores and financial means, and provide them with the life-changing opportunity to earn a degree at the University of Maryland. His, program looks deeper, identifying potential in young people who otherwise might not get a chance to attend college. Many of his students are first generation college students, come from low-income households, or are traditionally underrepresented students.

Today, however, AAP faces new challenges — challenges that reflect society as a whole. As the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow, the need for our services increases.


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Brenda Thomas – BOD Board Advisor
Business Development (Retired) 

Brenda brings a wealth of experience and expertise in working with government policies, procedures and practices. With her extensive background working at the Department of Education for over 20 years of service in financial, program and grant management. Brenda graduated from the University of Maryland University College (Completion of Masters of Education Degree in education/Instructional Technology) Monitored and managed discretionary grants totaling $30 million under the former Title VII-Bilingual Education Act, as amended Monitored and tracked ongoing outstanding audits through the "Audit Accountability and Resolution Tracking System (AARTS)," in accordance with "The Compliance Supplement to OMB Circular A-133—Audits of States, Local Governments and Non Profit Organizations," in keeping with OMB's Office of Financial Management (OFFM). Adjunct Professor at the University of Phoenix. Brenda quotes "I would be of great benefit to the organization in working in the capacity of sustaining grant funding. Youth development organization like Future Next is very important component to the community. Having Support, guidance, resources and encouragement is what youth need to reach their academic achievements"


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Chuck Perry – BOD Board Advisor
Engineer and Licensed Realtor

Chuck Perry

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