Organization Core Values

We are committed to strengthening our students by giving them the necessary skills, resources and tools to effectively attend and attain a higher education.

In order to continue and sustain the tradition of hope, equality, unlimited long term career opportunities and social empowerment for our students, we strive to adhere to policies and regulatory framework within our scope of engagements. In carrying out our mission, interacting with our parents, students, teachers, schools, colleges, mentors, volunteers and staff, we embrace the following values:


We understand the importance of effective leadership. Our team encourages our students to create a way to make something extraordinary happen and to increase the commitment of our communities by empowering our student' capabilities.


Future Next expects accountability from itself. Future Next adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. We are committed to our students, schools, and communities with whom we partner, which enables us to better provide them with effective tools, resources, and strategies.


We strive to deliver high-quality team-work. We promote diversity of thought to leverage knowledge and skills to continually improve our services to our communities in order to benefit our students and respective communities.


Future Next is committed to generating positive change and approaching problems in a practical, creative, and flexible manner. Future Next collaboratively approaches each situation with the goal of tapping into all diverse talent so each student's situation is considered allowing for improved self esteem and confidence.

To uphold our mission, FUTURE NEXT values:

  • Developing innovative tools and a strategy that all individuals can build
  • Families and Students come first
  • Organizational Teamwork and collaboration allowing individuals to get involved, learn and grow
  • Open, Honest, and Respectful to All
  • Community-driven solutions, through thoughtful and strategic community involvement, organizing and building
  • Utilizing technology to enhance engagement and empowerment models
  • Working within the diverse and invest in our communities
  • Sponsors, Donors, Volunteers and Organizational collaboration giving their time to this cause
  • Community workshops, and providing innovative direct services
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Ethics, Integrity and Trust
  • Social and Emotional Responsibility and Strengthening