Cherish your human connections - your relationships with family and friends. --Barbara Bush


A student’s family can be the most important element of his or her success. Future Next offers parents the tools necessary to become involved in their students’ education.

Ways we support you and your child is by providing effective afterschool tutoring and skill-building services to students from K-12 grade.

Working with you to...

  • Help your child feel good about school, enjoy learning and get good grades.
  • Prepare your child to graduate from high school and attend college. 
  • Empower your child to have a successful career and family life.

 FNC Program offers activities during the school year and summer. 


Programs of focus: music hannds


Leadership Development;

Health & Life Skills     

Arts; Sports  

Education and Career Development


To learn ways you can support and get involved email us today! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.