Ways Parents Can Support

Let’s get ready for college…

Future Next will familiarize you and your families with how to prepare, select, apply to and pay for college. This section will enable you to get organized and take the right steps to join the record number of high school graduates going on to college. The decision to go to college is one of the most important ones your student can make. A college degree is an investment that will pay off, whether from a two-year, four-year, technical or vocational school. A college education will get you started on a career allowing you to earn a higher salary, take care of your family and meet a wide range of people.

Ways to Support Your Student:


Once students reach high school, they may try to talk you out of being involved. You might hear, “Don’t bother, I’m fine.” Or “I don’t need your help.” Don’t believe it. Your student needs you now more than ever.

It’s important to become familiar with the benchmarks that your child will need to meet in high school each year. Future next can assist you with knowing these benchmarks.

In addition, you can support your child in several important ways for a successful high school education.

  • Know your child’s class and exam schedules
    Find out which classes and exams your child needs to prepare for college. Make sure your teenager knows that earning good grades and taking exams are essential, not optional.
  • Meet with teachers
    Meet regularly with your student’s teachers and college advisers. Make sure you know each teacher’s expectations and discuss your teenager’s academic progress and extracurricular activities. Keep an eye out for parent-teacher nights once a semester.
  • Provide encouragement
    Providing encouragement and support to your student can maintain good grades. Make sure your teen is doing homework every night. Support him/her by providing a quiet workspace and routines that allow enough time for schoolwork. Maintain attendance it is also very important, set limits on bedtime and help your student get out the door on time.
  • Get Involved with the college application process
    Help your student organize admissions applications, financial aid documents and other paperwork. Help your student keep ahead of deadlines.
  • Visit college campuses and fairs
    Visit college campuses and fairs with your teenager. Help your teenager create a list of college choices.
  • Assist with the financial aid process
    Help your student understand the financial aid options. Attend parent financial aid and college workshops at your teenager’s school or neighborhood organization. Have copies of your federal and state tax forms ready by the end of January of your student’s senior year. These tax forms are essential for the financial aid applications your student will need to complete in February.

FUTURE NEXT will assist you in making such an important decision.

  • College application process
  • Visit college campuses and fairs
  • Assist with the financial aid process
  • Learn about application cost and fee waivers
  • Search for scholarships