Future Next Corporation (FNC) is a group of dedicated and committed volunteers providing educational services beyond the classroom to help and encourage students to stay in school and succeed from first grade through college. Together we are helping youth succeed in school to stay productive, motivated, set goals, stay engage, and prepare students for a higher education after high school.


We have programs for every age group. Students participate in fun and interactive educational programs. Our academic programs consist of a core model of Math, Science, and Literacy. Students are guided through a structured curriculum, ensuring that students are challenged, building the necessary fundamental skills, and gaining confidence and momentum along the way.

Our programs include academic and project-based classes; life skills classes and workshops, academic advising, homework help, college preparation, test taking preparation, application and essay writing, financial aid; and community service projects.

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Mathematics, Science and Literacy  

Mathematics Program

Students develop mathematical concepts and skills that help them to become more motivated and confident math learners, increase their understanding of the basic math skills, create an enjoyment of mathematics, and improve their ability and confidence to move forward towards advanced level learning.

The program provides an opportunity for students to communicate about mathematics and have support and encouragement. Our programs are tailored to be individualized with group instruction support.

Science Program

Our science program makes science relatable, exciting, and meaningful to students. We accomplish this by setting themes with specific, hands-on, problem-based activities that are age appropriate for afterschool learning and in the summer learning settings. These themes are designed to actively engage students by providing the following:

  • Opportunities for students to explore and apply what they know
  • Flexible schedules for delivery of content
  • Achievable learning goals
  • Small group projects great for building confidence and working as a team
  • Develop a greater understanding of science while gaining a connection to real world challenges 

Our program includes activities that help students relate math and science skills to important real world industries such as aerospace, electronics, health, energy, autmotive, and infrastructure.

Literacy Programcollege prep

Our literacy program is designed to develop reading skills including vocabulary, critical thinking, and writing. Students learn research skills including note taking, outlining, thesis, and essay writing.

We help each student to set and reach realistic goals while boosting their confidence in the process. We allow our students the opportunity to express their thinking and translate it into writing in a variety of ways.

Life Skills

We make learning life skills interactive and fun. FNC life skills consists of both classroom setting with interactive activities to help boost students understanding and motivation. We also occasionally have a professional and qualified speaker/instructor who is an expert in their field come out to help students gain an indept knowledge. Our life skills courses cover the following topics:

  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Functional Academics
  • Self Management
  • Home Living Skills
  • Community Access Skills
  • Vocational Skills

Student Mediation

Our peer mediation program is successful because we change the way students approach conflicts. Students are engaged in a number of workshops and forums that address a variety of circumstances and scenarios that allows students to decide how best to approach a situation. In peer mediation, students are guided on how to apply problem-solving strategies to assist in settling disputes in a manner satisfying to all parties. Such a strategy may help keep many minor incidents from escalating over time into more serious incidents. More importantly, peer mediation teaches students an alternative set of skills that they can apply in conflict situations. We coach children to substantially change how students think and make better choices to settle conflicts. Over time students learn that there are alternatives to violence for solving personal problems or resolving interpersonal conflict. This program is a "win win" for everyone.

Community Service Projects/Resources

Junior Achievement Enrichment  volunteer

The programs include hands on service learning, job shadowing, academic and project-based workshops; academic advising, homework help, college application, financial aid; and community service projects.

We assist our parents by finding additional resources such as locating and applying for scholarships and programs to help students with future planning, organization, academics, and study skills.