Life Skills

Life Learning begins early and never ends....

Future Next is pleased to have LIFE SKLLS curriculum designed to improve students' social, emotional, and academic skills. Students will strengthen their life skills while building their collaboration among each other, awareness, and most importantly increase general knowledge and understanding!

The program consists of three modules based on the Social and Emotional Learning Competencies identified by researchers as critical to success in school, the workplace, and life in general: social awareness, self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

The cool part about Life Skills workshops is that they are broken into creative themes that make it very visual, understandable, and relatable for students to retain and understand the skills. This analysis identifies the steps needed by a student to master a skill or set of skills.

We are excited about LIFE SKILLS and we know our parents, guardians, and students will absolutely take away many valuable lessons and definitely find the information helpful.

We encourage our parents and guardians support and participation.

Life skills curriculum outline:

  • Module One - Personal Development: developing self-concept, personal goal setting, problem solving, decision making, dealing with anger, personal safety, time management, grooming and hygiene, alone or lonely, assertiveness, self-esteem, trust, risk taking, values, learning to laugh, stress management.
  • Module Two - Relating to others: communication skills, self-disclosure and feedback, accepting others, friendships, conflict resolution, hosting and attending social events, healthy relationships.
  • Module Three - Life Management Skills: budget coaching, shopping, paying bills, cooking and nutrition, maintaining comfortable living space, landlord/tenant relations, navigating the healthcare system, recreation and leisure time, connecting with community resources, accessing 'freebies', basic computer skills (e.g. internet, e-mail, social networking).

If interested in participating in any of our workshops or would like to learn more please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the subject line please enter: "LIFE SKILLS"