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Students: FNC was created just for you!

We are here to support, encourage and provide you with the needed tools and resources in helping you identify and create a vision for your future. Before you can properly plan and prepare for life after high school you need to ask yourself these questions.

What do you like to do?

What does that job do?

How do I get ready and prepare?

How much does this job pay?

Is there growth potential?

How many jobs are there?

What about the future and the demand for this job?

Are there other jobs like this?

Where can I find additional information, resources and job shadowing opportunities?

Once you have answered all the above you are now ready to start preparing by deciding on the courses to take in high school. Yes, high school is where you start. Did you know most colleges and university look at your overall high school Grade Point Average, GPA and decide whether you get accepted, your courses (which determines how long it will take you to finish your degree), and even how much financial aide you will receive.boy-homework

That's why it is so important to start preparing at the high school level. In fact it is crucial in becoming a successful college student. Take time to sit down with you parents and the school counselor to determine the right path for you. Did you know you could even take college level courses while attending high school? As college tuition continues to rise, don't waste money and time. Be proactive, network with other students going to college, and plan early.

Future Next members are professionals and experts in their fields. We are here to help you in reaching your goals. If you find yourself stuck at the cross roads and don't know where to turn, give us a call.

For more information on today's 21st century careers go to The Burereau of Labor and Statistics website. They have a career information center where you can learn about hundreds of career choices, the latest trends, and updates directly from the source! You can access here: 

We recognize that each student is uniquely different so we always give individualized guidance and support.

We thank you for visiting our site as we hope you find good and helpful information here that will tailor and simplify your experiences in your success in completing high school and attaining Higher Education.

We are here for you so contact us today!


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