Graduate Profile

Future Next has great aspiration and anticipations for our young graduates, enable them to grow more confident in themselves and their ability to affect positively in the community.

There will be many challenges for our graduates, and we desire to prepare our young adults who are knowledgeable, productive, capable, inspired, and have that strength of mind and will. Below find a list of characteristic to describe our graduates:

Critical Thinkers, Life-Long Learners, Active Citizens, Powerful Communicators, Self-Actualized Young Adults

Critical Thinkers

  • Remain open minded by using alternative reasoning strategies and abstract ideas to design creative solutions to problems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify issues, raise vital questions, assess relevant information, and come to well-reasoned conclusions.

Life-Long Learners

  • Invest in a clear vision of their future by setting, adjusting, and achieving measurable goals.
  • Seek out educational opportunities relevant to their goals.
  • Establish proficiency in research and technology skills.

Active Citizens

  • Assume individual leadership roles that contribute responsibly to society.
  • Display appropriate social skills that exemplify respectful and positive interactions with all members of their community.
  • Work with others to create safe, productive and positive environments.

Powerful Communicators

  • Listen effectively and speak clearly and confidently as they communicate with others.
  • Create and maintain clear and definable personal boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.

Self-Actualized Young Adults

  • Hold themselves accountable for their actions.
  • Exhibit healthy self-esteem through an awareness of, and confidence in, their abilities.
  • Develop healthy, lifelong friendships by being open to new and exciting experiences and people.