Student Volunteering

Come Volunteer with FNC it's a Win Win for everyone!!

Volunteering is more than logging hours for high school graduation. At Future Next, teens discover they can make a difference in their community and beyond.

Benefits to the community are obvious.

Those who are in need of help realize others care about them. Beautification projects not only help neighborhoods look nice, but also help cut down on crime. Students considered at-risk often do better in school when they have a mentor to work with them. Tutor a younger child. 

While helping others is what volunteerism is all about, teens also find out while they are giving, they are also receiving. Benefits teens receive by volunteering include:

Educational Benefits

By doing things that are of interest, teens often gain new skills and find new career opportunities that they hadn't thought of before. Students working with animal organizations may discover they would like to become a veterinarian. Those helping students with their academics may find opportunities in becoming a teacher or school administrator. In addition, the experiences gained in volunteer settings can provide teens with skills in leadership and decision-making, and also look attractive on college and scholarship applications.

Personal Benefits

Teens are exposed to people and circumstances they have not encountered in their life. Volunteers learn about respect and kindness through working with the homeless, serving the elderly at a retirement home, or helping disabled children create art. Teens develop better appreciation for the little things in life and also receive a personal satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in someone else life.

Employment Benefits

Besides finding new career opportunities, volunteering also provides teens with other skills necessary in the job market. Teens have a chance to learn important communication and interpersonal skills. The same leadership skills that help with their education will also help in the business world. Finally, volunteering provides teens a chance to increase their knowledge in certain areas. Those activities could add experience to a resume.

Volunteer habits that begin at a young age typically continue into adulthood. The impact the activities have may take years to show up, but even so, the impact is there. Volunteering is a win-win situation to both the volunteer and the community.

FNC offers young volunteers the opportunity to create their own community project such as participate in activities that focused on societal issues, recreation, religion, health, environment,education, arts and culture, and youth development. To learn more on ways you can give back contact our Director of Programs, Natasha Wilkerson via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.