"We're interested in partnerships, not just sponsorships"

Future Next goals and mission is clear and precise: we want to keep all children excelling academically and progressing both in and outside the classroom regardless of financial means.

How do we accomplish this each year? We rely heavily on sponsor support. We treat our sponsors like family allowing you full access to where funds go and how the funds are spent. Our biggest challenge is securing funding in an already fragile economy. We seek to find sponsors who share our vision and support our mission. We are looking for an active sponsorship...not just a pass through one time although support in any form is encouraged we want to build a strong and lasting relationship that over time trust is developed. We want to keep you engaged and informed of our efforts.  An active sponsor for FNC will receive financial and programmatic knowledge and review.

If you would like to learn ways on becoming a sponsor for FNC please click here to read full benefit packages we offer our sponsors for their support and generous donation! Read enough and ready to make a contribution please complete our online sponsorship application click here.