We need partners to help move our mission forward!

We encourage you to explore this web site to learn more about our organization, including
detailed descriptions of all programs, goals, and activities to date.

Future Next expects accountability from itself. Future Next adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. We are committed to our students, schools, and communities with whom we partner, which enables us to better provide them with effective tools, resources, and strategies.

We cultivate, nurture, and sustain partnerships between parents, schools, businesses, and community. FNC encourages partnership because we believe "Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress, and Working together is success." We're open to creating a tailor made partnerships between parents, schools, businesses, and community or other community organizations with similar missions. FNC is seeking school partnerships that will provide a combination of volunteer time, in-kind contributions, and financial resources to meet the specific needs of a school. In return, as partners, we receive a multitude of benefits including an increased sense of pride, involvement in our community and in the public school system by reaching more youth in helping students reach their academic success because the children are our next generation of leaders.

Why partner?

Partnering with FNC is an easy, rewarding way to make a contribution to our youth's future. Youth in our communities have specific needs such as staying active, confident, and overcoming their struggles often times not associated with the classroom. We realize we all can make a difference. Parents, businesses, or community organizations can join us in meeting the need of our youth. Whether your organization or business wants to donate school supplies, volunteer time, or underwriting for a specific program, there is an opportunity to form a long-lasting partnership with FNC. Our partnerships work in ways that are complementary rather than competitive. When we learn of gaps in required resources, we work with our partners to create effective solutions. Allow us the opportunity to help your organization, business, or school make a difference in moving our youth future forward!

treWhat could you, your organization or business do for FNC?

There are many ways to contribute to FNC. Both financial and non-financial resources are welcome! Creativity in how an individual, school, business, or community organization can meet the needs of FNC is highly encouraged, as we work together to establish a meaningful partnership. We have regular discussions with individuals, parents, schools, business leaders, legislators, and community groups about a wide range of education topics. These efforts include formal presentations as well as informal gatherings of select business leaders who participate. The goal in either case is to raise awareness of the need for after school and summer enrichment programs. This responsiveness informs and engages people to better understand and support our mission.

To support our communities through Future Next contact Xiomara "Liz" Zuniga , Development Director 1.877.500.5591 ext. 102 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.